Mirrors and backsplash

Mirrors add a touch of beauty and style while giving any area the illusion of being more capacious. Mirrors also brighten up spaces by bouncing daylight around the room.

We provide different vanity mirrors, decorative mirrors, bar area, mirror with beveled strips, studios and also gym style wall mirrors. The mirrors can be ordered in different standard thicknesses [1/8″ (3 mm) – Common in medicine cabinet doors and the like, 5⁄32“(4 mm) – Common in retail environments, 3⁄16” (5 mm) – Standard, 1⁄4” (6 mm) – Thickest], Edge types (Flat Polish Edge, Pencil Polished Edge, Beveled Polish Edge, Seamed Edge), and colors (Antiqued, Clear, Grey, Bronze).

Glass backsplash bring undeniable magic to the space. Glass backsplashes have the property of reflecting light and therefore brightening a whole room. A kitchen or bathroom glass backsplash will help bring the interior design of your space to a whole new level, providing a contemporary look.

Glass backsplashes will normally be fabricated from mirror or a back-painted glass – it is ultimately your decision and comes down to what kind of look you’re trying to achieve. Back-painted stock colours are available on standard colours, custom colours are available upon request – cost substantially more than standard colours. Common thickness are 1⁄4” (most common) and 3⁄8“.